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Patient Testimonials

Dr. Stechison expresses gratitude to the patients who have given their express consent to have their videos used for educational purposes on this website. Patients who are currently seeking treatment can find no greater comfort than the personal testimony of a surgically-treated patient with a rare condition such as trigeminal neuralgia or hemifacial spasm who has walked down the road ahead of them and returned to their productive and full life.

This patient has had a 6 year history of right-sided hemifacial spasm.

This patient has a history of symptomatic Chiari malformation as well as left-sided hemifacial spasm.

April 8, 2019

Dear Dr. Stechison,

I would like to express my gratitude and thankfulness to you for a successful procedure. I have suffered with this affliction (hemifacial spasm) for 26 years. During that time I have felt embarrassment, shame and lack of confidence. I found some relief with Botox treatments every 90 days for 20 of the 26 years. This successful surgical procedure has liberated me from the clutches of a terrible condition. I feel that it has reset my life and given me back the 26 years of frustration that I experienced.

I would also like to express to you that I think you are a brilliant Surgeon and I am so glad I found you. You are a master of your skill because you love what you do.

From the love of God to your hands. You will sit at God's table.

Thanks to you for giving me my life back.

Bless you,
Earl B.

Dear Dr. Stechison,

You saved my life - twice. Trigeminal Neuralgia is aptly named "The Suicide Disease" and my suffering from it made me understand how it got that nickname.

The first time you saved my life was July 8, 2005 when you performed a successful Microvascular Decompression surgery for my Trigeminal Neuralgia. I chose you as my surgeon after interviewing three other neurosurgeons. I based my decision on your patient-focus; you listened to me. And, on your work with the late Dr. Peter Jannetta at the University of Pittsburgh. Because of you I've been free of TN pain for 14 years.

The second time you saved my life was on January 21, 2015 when you performed a successful fusion of my lower back. Before the surgery I was incapacitated. Fewer than 3 months after surgery I was doing everything I had done prior to the surgery. This photo my husband took of me on horseback in Monument Valley in April 2015. I hope my experience will show your other patients how they can truly look forward to their own lives without pain. There are rewards awaiting them post-surgery.

Both surgeries restored my quality of life. Without your expertise I would have no life.

With profound thanks,
Jill D.

Jill D. on horseback in Monument Valley 12 weeks after her posterior fossa microvascular decompression operation for trigeminal neuralgia.
Published with permission.

Dr. Stechison,

Your successful surgeries on my wife Jill go far beyond improving only her life. Those surgeries have improved my life also. There are no longer limitations on our lives. Our families and friends have all benefitted from your surgeries on Jill. No choice or amount of words can adequately express our gratitude.

We both hope you will share our experiences with your existing and prospective patients and their families.

Dana D.

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Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient

"I was originally diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia by a neurologist in 2004. I originally though I needed a root canal but my dentist pointed out that there was no abscess and the tooth nerves did not appear affected by anything. I consulted dental surgeons, ENT and had a full head X-Ray of teeth and sinuses. I initially controlled the pain with trileptal and neurontin, along with periodic chiropractic adjustments, posture awareness and diet, but the pain eventually broke through during my periodic flares. At times I could not work or speak. It affected my sleep, my mood and my family. I couldn't drive safely as my dosage increased.

My neurologist suggested that I contact Dr. Stechison and consider surgery. When my dosage eventually reached the upper limit I called for a telephone screening, followed by a consult by his assistant and then an exam by Dr. Stechison along with pre-op tests. Dr. Stechison exudes confidence and his Team are very professional, knowledgeable and methodical. I had surgery in 2016. I was out of the hospital 2 days after my surgery and able to lead a normal life without meds almost immediately. His follow-up has been thorough and caring. Thank-you Dr. Stechison."

My Best, & God Bless,

Bruce B.

Oligodendroglioma Patient

In 2010 I had a seizure and was diagnosed with oligodendroglioma. I was told by one doctor that it was inoperable. At the time of my seizure I was 36 years old. I met with Dr. Stechison and his words were "I can take care of it." My wife Carrie and I were so excited to hear the news that he could remove this nasty cancer from my body. I had the utmost faith and confidence in Dr. Stechison.

His professional manner in the office and surgery room was so superlative. I had a biopsy from another doctor and 5 craniotomies from Dr. Stechison from June 2010 to November 2010. However, it did not stop there. Dr. Stechison partnered with another doctor recommended radiation to continue to treat the very small amount that of tumor that may be left to ensure it was all gone. I went through 33 radiation sessions to eradicate the remaining small portion possibly left.

During this stressful time in my life I had just been married for 4 months and was also completing my M.S. in Emergency Management with Jacksonville State University.

I thank God for the skills he provided Dr. Stechison to complete the tasks of removing the tumor from my body. I would not trust anyone else to operate on me than him! He is a blessing and very knowledgeable in his field. He truly cares about his patients and treats them with respect and not a number.

Stuart B.

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